Tim and Leslie from STHS

Leslie Kelt’s job at the hospital is to prevent infection, so obviously she’s been exceptionally busy the last four months. She gave us the latest on what is known about preventing the virus and other tips for being safe. Hear her in the interview below.

Jessica and Margaret from Honey Baked

Margaret announced this morning that the Honey Baked Northshore family will be consolidating to their Covington store. They said they have loved their time in Mandeville but said the Covington location is large enough to do what both stores can. They plan to be out of the Mandeville location by the middle of the month.

New Heights Raffle

Lisl and Kristin came in to talk about the ongoing raffle for diamond earrings for New Heights Therapeutic Riding Center. The tickets are only $25 each and all proceeds benefit the non-profit. Find out more in the interview below.