Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Cooper is staying home, our of an abundance of caution, after running fever and feeling unwell lately. He spoke to us by phone and talked about COVID mitigation and the Medline decision. Hear him below.

Lake Loot Q&A September 3, 2020

6:40 and 7:10 Q: 4 out of 5 people say they’ve been embarrassed at work when THIS happened. What? A: Stomach growled during a meeting  Winner: Carrie Jones from Ponchy! 7:40 Q: A survey found the 5 worst things you can do at someone’s wedding. This came in at #5. What is it? A: Insulting the…

Lake Loot Q&A September 1, 2020

6:40 Q: 1 in 10 couples have a running argument about this right now…what is it? A: Bedroom Closet Space Winner: No Winner! 7:10 Kids Loot and 7:40 Q: 7 in 10 children think their parents should do more of this because it is the right thing to do. What is it? A: Recycling Winner:…

Don from Tri-Parish

Don talked to us about job numbers, both locally and on the national level. He also spoke about the enhanced unemployment that just kicked in and said it will help having more money being spent. Hear him below.

Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Cooper talked about the local attractions that are reopening today. He also told us about a press conference happening this morning in Slidell. They are going to demonstrate that latest technology they have employed to prevent flooding. Hear him below.