St Tammany West Habitat Applauds Chevron

Leighanne from Habitat for Humanity St Tammany West stopped by with Anna Simpson from Chevron. She talked about the awesome effort made by a bunch of Chevron employees on some building projects for Habitat. We also talked about the Re-Store and how people can get involved. Hear the interview below.

St Tammany Chamber Continues Growing

Lacey and Tom came by from the St Tammany Chamber. We talked about some events they have coming up. Lacey and Tom also talked about the chamber’s growth around Slidell and their efforts to represent all of St Tammany Parish. Hear what they said in the interview below.

Lake Loot Q&A January 7, 2020

6:40 Q: About 1 in 20 of all marriage proposals are made this way. How are they made? A: Over the Phone! Winner: Isabella Santos from Madisonville 7:40 Q: The average family spends a combined 28 minutes a day doing this in their home. What are they doing? A: Picking stuff up! Winner: Gavin Borries…

Lake Loot Q&A January 6, 2020

6:40 and 7:10 Q: According to research women really are better than men when it domes to doing this. What? A: Remembering important life events! Winner: Connie Charleston from Abita! 7:40 Q: 25 million bottles of these were sold annually between the 1960;s and 1990’s, but you rarely see it today. What is it? A:…

Kings Day Walking Parade This Weekend

Tina Rhinehart and Debbie Robert came by to talk about the Mande Milkshakers event coming up this weekend. The King’s Day Walking Parade will be on the Mandeville Lakefront, beginning at 5 with a party to follow from 6-8. Hear the ladies talk about this event and other Mande Milkshaker news in the interview below.

Lake Rewind – 1.3.2020

Today was a dreary first Friday and the last day David Storm fills in before Charles returns. Most of our friends stayed home today, or at least out of the weather…not like we blame them! Thankfully, Roger was able to shine his Spotlight in sports to chase the clouds away for a moment… And despite…