Firefighters Cancer Support Network

Matt Bell from Jim Carey Distributing came in with firefighter Greg Charrier to talk about a cook-off that will support this cancer support group for firefighters. They are looking for teams to compete and want people to come out the day of the event to eat. Hear all about it in the interview below.

Joan Coffman from St Tammany Health System

President and CEO Joan Coffman joined us this morning to talk about all the advances that have been made at the hospital recently. We talked about everything from robots to new buildings to patient experience. Hear what she had to say about one of St Tammany’s largest employers in the interview below.

Lake Loot Q & A March 5, 2020

6:40 Q: In the last month, 1 in 6 of us have left the house wearing ________. What is it? A: Mismatched socks Winner: Paisley Perrin from Madisonville! 7:10 Kids Loot Q: Disney is the 2nd largest employer of full-time musicians in the country.  Who’s #1? A: The United States military! Winner: Ella D’Hemecourt from Mandeville!…

Lake Loot Q & A March 4, 2020

6:40 and 7:40 Q: This is the #1 vacation photo we share. What is it? A: A view from the balcony Winner: Aubrey Lachney from Mandeville! 8:40 Q: More Americans spend this holiday with their families than any other … A: 4th of July! Winner: Rick Huckaba from Metry! 9:40 Q: You are less likely…

Corona Virus Discussion and Info

We published this earlier this month but think it is worth re-posting now… This is a 30 minute report with information from the Tulane National Primate Center and St Tammany Health System. If you want to hear what they are doing at the center, or what infectious disease doctors say to do about the virus,…

Free NOLA Gala

Diane Amos was here to talk about Free NOLA’s Gala to raise money to aid the rescue and treatment of victims of sex trafficking. The event is this weekend. Find out more in the interview below.