Christina from St Tammany Tourism

Christina Cooper told us about efforts they are making to support the tourism industry on the Northshore right now. She told us that tourism generates more than $700 million dollars on the NS. And she wants people who are reopening to let them know. Hear her below.

Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Cooper talked about the storm that came through over the weekend. He also spoke about the ongoing effort to reopen businesses under Phase 2 and being proactive about protecting ourselves. Hear him below.

Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Cooper talked about the first day of Phase 2 and what that means for local businesses. He talked about maintaining social distancing and keeping COVID down. And he talked about the storm that may have some local impacts this weekend. Hear him in the interview below.

Mike Cooper Update

We started talking with Parish President Cooper each morning for a local update on what was happening with the virus. Obviously this morning we also talked about the potential for weather over the weekend and at the start of next week.

Tiffany and Tim from STHS

We talked about getting back to normal at the hospital and its outpatient facilities. We also talked about how people who put off procedures during the COVID-19 outbreak need to get those tended to. Hear them in the interview below.

NAMI’s Nick Richard

Nick talked about the mental health aspect of the last few months. He told us that the online courses from NAMI have been going very well. And he talked about the “shaming” that goes on in the mask on of mask off debate. Hear what he said about it in the interview below.