Dionne from STHS

Tim brought Dionne Williams on the air to talk about her job managing the Physician’s Network for STHS. Dionne talked about non-essential procedures, safety and more. Hear her in the interview below.

Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Mike Cooper spoke about the event the parish held yesterday as they prepare for hurricane season while keeping COVID-19 in mind. Hear what he had to say in the interview below.

Nick from NAMI

Nick Richard had some actual numbers he wanted to share with our listeners that he said will be a good indication of how widespread the mental health impact of COVID-19 will be. Hear him below.

David from Family Promise

David Horchar spoke about an event they have coming up in June that will hopefully raise awareness for the work they do. He also told us some of the things Family Promise is doing right now to get through the Pandemic. Hear him below.

Liz from the Blood Center

Liz joined us this morning to tell us about the urgent need for blood and plasma across the Northshore, a very special on-going blood drive you can still be supporting, and how to set your donation appointments during the pandemic!