Amy from STPG

Amy Bouton wanted to update us about a few things going on in the parish. In particular she told us about a bridge replacement project that will soon kick off in Lacombe. Hear her talk about that and more in the interview below.

Dr Charles Preston

Dr Charles Preston, St Tammany Parish Coroner, came in to talk about the work he does. His office works with local law enforcement, they work on mental health issues, and they have a top notch crime lab. Hear more below.

Lake Loot October 22, 2020

7:40 Q: Most years Americans will waste about 175 million of these. All bets are off this year. What is it? A: Vacation days  Winner: Shannon Dufour from Madisonville! 8:40 Q: About 1 in 500 people have this unique physical characteristic. What is it? A: 2 different colored eyes Winner: Sarah from Mandeville! 9:40 Q:…