Chris from St Tammany Corp

Chris Masingill went through the latest job numbers and talked about what that means for St Tammany. He also spoke about updates to PPP and he even gave us a shout-out for our new Relevance to Recovery Program for NS Media which you can see HERE.

Amy from St Tammany Parish Government

Amy told us about testing that will begin next week. (It was stopped for the storm.) You can see where and when the testing will happen in this NEWS STORY on our Northshore Media site. Amy also spoke about local facilities that are reopening after the storm. Hear her in the interview below.

STHS: Jack Khashou and Tim

Jack manages the cancer treatment options at St Tammany Health System. We talked about the things people typically associate with cancer treatment, and we spoke about a lot of other things they are doing to prevent and help people recover from cancer.

Nick from NAMI

Today Nick spoke about re-socializing kids after a long time away from their peers. He said sports is one way to do it. He spoke about some of the things kids might be feeling as they go back out in to the world. Hear that and more in the interview below.

Jennifer from AYS at Christwood

A relatively new offering for people who want to stay in their homes but might need a little help. Anything from accompanying them on errands, fixing things around the house, or helping out in the house, At Your Service is designed by the people who use it, providing only what you or your loved one…

Conversation with Mike Cooper

Parish President Cooper touched on a few issues in today’s talk. He covered COVID, of course. He also spoke about the controversy on social media over the St Tammany Animal Shelter. And he talked about resources in the parish that are reopening after the storm. Hear him in the interview below.

Tom Meyer from St Tammany Chamber

St Tammany Board of Directors Chairman Tom Meyer spoke to us about Explore Northshore, their upcoming Expo. He talked about the legislative session and the bills that they are proud of. And he talked about the importance of voting, among other things. Hear it all in the interview below.