Lake Loot Q&A October 30,2020

6:40 Q: Most people do this at work 6-8 times every week… A: Sit in a meeting  Winner: Stuart Whitley from Slidell! 7:10 and 7:40   Q: It isn’t too common but 1 in 50 people admit they’ve stolen THIS from a hotel. What? A: A plant  Winner: No Winner! 8:40 Q: There are just…

Blood Drive to Honor Jimmy Buras

Liz Garland from The Blood Center brought in a group of sisters who want to honor their father with a blood drive this weekend. Jamie, Katie and Collete wanted to honor the late Jimmy Buras. Hear about his story in the video below or check out the interview.

Lake Loot October 26, 2020

6:40 Q: This is the first thing most of us do after checking into a hotel room. What? A: Check and or connect to the wifi  Winner: No Winner! 7:40 Q: Not quite half of all kids between 4-10 years old either have one now, have had one in the past, or will be getting…

Amy from STPG

Amy Bouton wanted to update us about a few things going on in the parish. In particular she told us about a bridge replacement project that will soon kick off in Lacombe. Hear her talk about that and more in the interview below.