Lake Loot Q&A September 29, 2020

6:40 Q: According to this survey, THIS is the most stressful thing that can happen to you. What is it? A: Losing your wallet or credit card Winner: No Winner! 7:10 Kids Loot Q: Moms were asked to finish this statement. “I can’t wait for my kids to go back to school so I can…

Lake Loot Q&A September 28, 2020

6:40 Q: If they won’t give me a raise, could my boss at least give me (blank)? The top three answers were more vacation time, free food, and WHAT? A: Nap time Winner: Barbara Stratton from Covington! 7:10 Kids Loot Q: You don’t do this very much after you’re 8 or 9 years old, but…

Lake Loot Q&A September 25, 2020

6:40 Q: People were asked why hasn’t anyone invented a gadget that will do THIS and this was the #1 response. What is it A: A gadget that will automatically pick up dog poop Winner: No Winner! 7:10 Kids Loot Q: The average temperature of __________ is 58 degrees. What? A: The Earth’s surface Winner:…

Dr Torcson from STHS

He is the Chief Medical Officer at St Tammany Health System. Dr Patrick Torcson answered a lot of questions about COVID and the flu, but he also spoke about steps forward made at the hospital and more. Hear him below.

Mike Cooper Update

We covered a few topics with Parish President Cooper this morning. He spoke about the recent weather and their preparations for potential impacts. We also spoke about our COVID numbers and thresholds we need to hit to open more businesses.