Charles Dowdy

Charles Dowdy spends his mornings on the Lake 94.7. His show is hyper-local, with interviews in the 8 a.m. hour each morning featuring local non-profits, civic groups and political leaders. He invites callers to play something called “Lake Loot” every hour. There’s also local news, weather and traffic, all geared toward the Northshore. 

When he’s not on the air, Charles helps manage Northshore Media Group, a family owned broadcasting company with properties in Louisiana and Mississippi. 

Charles and his wife, Bethany, have four children. 

Charles also writes for EDGE of the Lake Magazine.

Dave Bruce

Well, Dave was a Cajun…lived by himself in the swamp. He hunted alligator…wait, hold on. I was thinking an old Jerry Reed song.

Actually Dave is a Louisiana re-plant. Born in New Orleans and raised in Mandeville. He went to Mandeville High until the family moved to South Florida. Dave spent 30 years soaking up sun, listening to Jimmy Buffett, starting a family and playing DJ on a bunch of radio stations. 

A few years ago, after missing way too many crawfish boils and Mardi Gras, he packed a U-Haul and moved back to the Northshore. Dave, his wife Amy and their two dogs Delilah and Amos (named for the afore mentioned Jerry Reed tune) live in Slidell. Dave spends his spare time in his wood shop concocting all kinds of weird things, working in the yard and playing golf with his dad.

Here at The Lake 94.7 Dave puts together most of the commercials you hear and schedules all the music you enjoy! Got a request? Hit him up!