Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Mike Cooper spoke about the importance of staying the course and staying home. He also spoke about the upcoming Easter weekend and how people need to remain isolated. Hear him below.

Honey Baked Ham

We spoke to Jessica and got some info from her. They have temporarily closed their Mandeville location and consolidated in Covington. They are following CDC guidelines for their curbside pickup. Hear more in the interview below.

Northshore Humane Society’s New Protocol

Alexandra joined us with a new friend she brought home for the day. they have some new protocols in place when it comes to visiting the Humane Society. They are asking customers/clients to stay in their cars and they are going out to your car in PPE to get your pet for their appointment. Hear…

Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Mike Cooper called in early this morning. He told us we all did a little better job with large gatherings on the waterways but he said we need to do better when making trips to stores. Hear him in the interview below.