Margaret and Jessica stopped by to explain what they are up to. Basically, they are consolidating into one store in Covington and closing the Mandeville location. Nothing else will change. The whole Mandeville staff is relocating to the bigger store. Hear them below.

Lake Loot August 12, 2020

6:40 Q: When these first came out they cost over $1,500. You probably have one now and it doesn’t cost nearly that much. What?   A: Microwave Winner: Mark Todd from Lacombe! 7:10 Kids Loot Q: Right now you can probably find more of THESE animals living in people’s backyards than in the wild. What…

Caitlin Picou from Kismet

Caitlin gave us lots of information about skin care while wearing masks. She talked about products that can help our skin, practices that can make masks as easy as possible, and a few other tricks to keep our skin healthy at this time. Hear her below.