Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Cooper split his time on the air this morning between info on the flooding from last week and details of his order bringing the parish into line with what the state is doing. Hear him talk about it in the interview below.

Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Cooper was out on the roads this morning when we spoke, surveying the flooding that occurred overnight. He also spoke about the first weekend we will be on Phase One and what he hopes local residents will do.

Boredom with Nick from NAMI

We talked with Nick Richard from NAMI about what boredom really is. He also talked about ways to address it if you are bored. Hear him talk about something we have all experienced these last two months in the interview below.

Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Mike Cooper joined us to talk about the order that goes into effect this weekend and what it will mean for us. He also spoke about local businesses being eager to open their doors again. Hear him below.

Pot and Paddle

We got to speak with Ashley and Tracy from the Pot and Paddle this morning. Their two locations are looking forward to getting customers back inside the restaurants. Hear about their specials in the interview below.

Paula and Tim from STHS

Paula spoke about the way their Home Health and other services had to adapt during the pandemic. She praised the nurses who stepped up to go out in the community and care for their patients. Hear her below.