Dr. Kelly Burkenstock

Dr Kelly wanted to tell us about her Rejuvenation and Revival Plan. Since all of us have been cooped up in the house and unable to go anywhere she says this plan can get you ready for summer and Selfie season. Hear her below.

Amy from STPGOV

Amy Bouton from St Tammany Parish Government spoke to us today about a variety of things, including the implications of the new order coming from Governor Edwards. She also answered questions about enforcement of the new directives from the state. Hear her below.

Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Mike Cooper spoke about the announcement from Gov Edwards coming this afternoon. He also spoke about how he thinks they will move forward once the governor has shared his decision.

Amy from NS Homebuilders

Amy called in from the parking lot to talk to us about some different things the Northshore Homebuilders are doing. The Parade of Homes will be virtual and in person at two different times. And their home giveaway has been backed up. Hear her explain in the interview below.