Jay from STHS

Jay and Tim came in from St Tammany Health System to talk about shedding our COVID “19” and doing it in a positive way. Jay gave tips on exercising and also treatment ideas if you have pain. Hear him below.

Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Cooper spoke about a few road projects in the Slidell area. He also continued to ask St Tammany citizens to be safe and continue to wear a mask. Hear him in the interview below.

Nick from NAMI

Our conversation with Nick on Monday was about kids and teenagers dealing with all this time away from school and friends. In particular, Nick talked about the value of sports and exercise to help ease anxiety. Hear him talk about it below.

Emergency Room Care at STHS

Tim brought in Bradley Leonhard today, who is head of Emergency Services. He spoke about the normal cases they see in the emergency room for this time of year. We also spoke about the pandemic and how that has affected the procedures in the emergency rooms to make sure everyone is safe.