Don from Tri-Parish

Don talked to us about job numbers, both locally and on the national level. He also spoke about the enhanced unemployment that just kicked in and said it will help having more money being spent. Hear him below.

Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Cooper talked about the local attractions that are reopening today. He also told us about a press conference happening this morning in Slidell. They are going to demonstrate that latest technology they have employed to prevent flooding. Hear him below.

Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Cooper spoke about our friends on the other side of the state and the loss many of them are experiencing right now. He talked the relatively small impacts in SE Louisiana. And he talked about the zoning meeting held last night.

Joan Coffman from STHS

Joan Coffman, CEO of St Tammany Health System, came to see us this morning. She answered questions about COVID. She implored people to get their check-ups and medical procedures done, saying a lot of people are avoiding medical care right now and only seek help when they are really sick. She also talked about all…

Liz from The Blood Center

Liz told us about efforts to get blood donations during this time. She also told the story of the two women who were injured by a drunk driver and how The Blood Center helped them. Finally, Liz talked about anti-bodies and how they need more donors who have them.

Dave from Family Promise

David Horchar from Family Promise came by to update us on the progress being made for his new Family Day Center out at Safe Harbor. They are also starting a raffle to get them over the hump with their fundraising. Here him below.

Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Cooper joined us for a few minutes to talk about what the parish is doing in preparation for potentially bad weather. He asked citizens to stay weather aware, even though it appears we will not face huge impacts for the hurricane.