Mike Cooper Update and Statement

Mike Cooper spoke to us this morning and then later today they released a statement about the order he signed for tomorrow and what that means going forward. Hear and see them below. President Cooper’s extended Stay At Home Order includes specific guidelines for non-essential retail businesses that mirror the language in the Live Safe.…

Nick Richard from NAMI

The head of the National Alliance on Mental Illness visited the studio. Sort of. He stayed outside. Nick talked about the importance of routines and said it was actually good for him to get up and get dressed like he was coming into the studio to do an interview, even though the interview was over…

Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Cooper wanted to talk about masks. The parish has been given a large supply of masks from the state, and now they are being filtered through the municipalities and fire districts. Hear more about what he said in the interview below.

Joey from the YMCA

Joey Roberts told us about an effort they are making to feed people on Mondays. They will do it again next week with even more food. You are allowed to line up early but there are some rules in place. Hear about it in the interview below.

Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Mike Cooper talked about Gov. Edwards decision to extend his Stay at Home Order for another two weeks. We also talked about the work his advisory group is doing so St Tammany is prepared when the order is allowed to expire.

Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Cooper gave us a quick update on what he thinks will happen today and through this week as we approach the end of the current Stay at Home Order. Hear what he said in the interview below.