Infection Prevention Expert from STHS

Leslie spoke about her job containing infection at STHS. She gave us an update on how things are at the hospital and spoke about what they have learned as they have gone through this. She also talked about some of the updates the hospital has made in support of its staff. Hear her below.

Family Promise Talks Homelessness

David Horchar joined us from his (temporary) garage office with the chickens to talk about something pretty serious. He says the number of homeless families seeking their assistance is on the rise. He talked about how they are getting through the COVID crisis and plans for the future. Hear how you can help in the…

Mike Cooper Update

Parish President Mike Cooper talked about his new advisory council. He told us what they would be asked to do and how they are contributing to the plan to safely reopen St Tammany Parish at the appropriate time. Hear him in the interview below.

Amy Bouton from STPG

Amy talked to us about the new group Parish President Cooper has brought together to help local citizens and businesses take their first steps once the order is lifted. She also spoke about the fact that we still have a little way to go on the Stay At Home Order and everyone needs to keep…

Mayor Mark from Covington

Mayor Mark told us that the citizens of Covington are doing a great job staying at home. He also told us a heartwarming story about one of their citizens in need and how the city rallied around that person. Hear it all in the interview below.

Scott from AYS at Christwood

Scott told us about this relatively new service from Christwood. He said a lot of the help they have been providing seniors in their homes right now is actually tasks outside the home, like yard work, general upkeep and more. They are also sitting with some seniors while their normal caregivers go out for supplies.…

Abry Crosby from STHS

The Executive Chef from STHS talked about the way food services at the hospital have adjusted during the crisis. He spoke about all the donations they have received. And he talked about the importance of good food for the caregivers as they continue the fight. Hear him below.