St Tammany Tourism and Pyre Provisions

Christina Cooper spoke with us about St Tammany Tourism and all the work they are doing to help local businesses survive the pandemic. We also talked with Jeff Mattia, who has a professional eater named Randy Santel coming to Pyre on October 21st. Hear them in the interview below.

Lacey from the St Tammany Chamber

Lacey Osborne shared her thoughts on a couple of recent developments, the hiring process for the new school superintendent, and Medline’s apparent decision to relocate to Tangipahoa Parish. She also spoke about how the Chamber has been weathering the COVID storm. Hear her in the interview below. Find the Chamber online HERE.

Lake Loot Q&A October 14, 2020

6:40 Q: About 1 in 3 kids between ages 4 and 6 have asked their parents to stop doing THIS. What? A: Cursing Winner: Joseph Morgan from Mandeville! 7:10 Kids Loot Q: More than 200 million new ones are created every hour and they are YUMMY! What are they? A: M&Ms Winner: Natalie, Reece and…