Dr. Hill from STHS

If you want a balanced, informed look at where we are right now and what you should be doing regarding COVID-19 then listen to this infectious disease expert explain what he thinks. Dr Hill from STHS discusses eating out, germs, preventative measures you can take and more.

Victoria from the Silver Slipper

The Silver Slipper reopened today and we got to talk to Victoria about some of the things they changed. Capacity is listed at 50%, which she says won’t be a problem in such a huge venue. And the buffet is open, except, for now, food will be served cafeteria style. Hear more about it in…

Nick from NAMI

Today Nick wanted to focus on how returning to work after a long break can cause anxiety. He also spoke about how powerful our connections with our coworkers are and how important it is to rebuild those relationships after a long break.

Cara from Push Design

Cara Herrin shared some ideas for marketing and social media for local businesses. Hear some of her suggestions for promoting your business in the interview below. And, she is offering free consultations right now as well. Find out about that on her website, hear her talk about it all below.

Mayor Mark from Covington

Mayor Mark spoke about Porch Fest, which is an event where bands will play on porches while the crowd sits in the yards and the street. It is this Saturday from 4 until 7. Hear about that and more in the interview below.