Dr Torcson from STHS

He is the Chief Medical Officer at St Tammany Health System. Dr Patrick Torcson answered a lot of questions about COVID and the flu, but he also spoke about steps forward made at the hospital and more. Hear him below.

Mike Cooper Update

We covered a few topics with Parish President Cooper this morning. He spoke about the recent weather and their preparations for potential impacts. We also spoke about our COVID numbers and thresholds we need to hit to open more businesses.

Lake Loot Q&A September 24, 2020

6:40 Q: What annoyed you the most about your ex? 1 in 6 people said THIS. What? A: They were a control freak Winner: Dominique Mascair from Ponchatoula! 710 Kids Loot What’s the most difficult thing to teach your kids? Parents said, “tying their shoes.” What was #2? Whistling Winner: Abby McDavid from Mandeville! 7:40…